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Whenever you upgrade your engine's performance, you need to re-program the vehicle's computer accordingly. We have the equipment and software needed to make sure that your car is tuned correctly, not just for ultimate power, but for drivability and safety as well. Whether your car is naturally aspirated, supercharged, turbocharged or nitrous injected, we have the experience necessary to properly fine tune your car.


Whether you want to find out how much horsepower your car is making or need custom tuning done to maximize your engine modifications, Fuel Injection Specialties can assist you.  With the MD-1750 Mustang Dynamometer, we offer the latest and most precise technology on the market.

The MD 1750 Mustang Dynamometer is a load bearing chassis dyno. This means that it uses an eddy current power absorption unit (PAU) to put load on the vehicle to simulate your vehicle's weight and aerodynamic wind losses - real world conditions. What this means for you is optimal performance on the street or strip!

When making performance upgrades to your computer controlled vehicle, dyno tuning allows FIS to accurately analyze ignition, air/fuel, shift points and other parameters for modification.  This allows us to reprogram your vehicle to maximize its performance.

Dyno tuning is also a great option for maximizing performance on carbureted vehicles.  FIS can fine-tune the carburetor jetting and ignition timing to improve overall drivability and performance.


Note: There is an additional charge for use of the WB O2 Sensor when running Leaded Race Fuel. Installation of an O2 bung is required for custom tuning.  Any parts, chemicals, lubricants, hardware or components used by FIS to successfully complete the dyno session will be additional. Any vehicle on the chassis dyno that is in need of repair or modification to complete a successful tuning session will be subject to an additional charge at the regular shop hourly labor rate to correct the problem before dyno tuning can be completed.

 Disclaimer: “Many parts we sell are not legal for use on emission controlled vehicles and do not carry a CARB exemption number. They are intended for off-road or racing use only. A civil penalty of $2,500.00 can be imposed on the owner of a vehicle for each violation of the Clean Air Act. The only information to use to determine a product's status is written statements by the manufacturer of the products. Fuel Injection Specialties is not responsible for products and services it provides for racing or off-road use vehicles that may be driven on the street.”

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